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A big thank you to our whole community for diving right into this new network with us, and for helping us identify and deal with the issues that are bound to arise in any big new project like this. We’re so glad to be working with you!

We’re nearly a week in to building this network and here’s what’s going on:

  • More than 1,400 people in 94 countries have signed up as Connectors
  • Of the top 50 teams by member count, the majority have started a discussion, and many of those already have multiple replies. You can search for the team in your city here.
  • People have started conversing in their languages (check out Romanian and French!)
  • Several teams are planning in-person meetings, using the Event feature on the their team page

So what’s our biggest priority now? Clarity about the Connector role. The biggest thing we’ve learned so far is that there’s definitely some confusion about this, and therefore about the role of Teams.

Connectors are neutral facilitators and conveners, working to help build a world where all people can lead free and dignified lives, and where fewer opportunities for action and collaboration are missed or wasted. Specifically, their focus is on the three big goals that can bring us together across all our differences:

  1. Helping more people move from intention to action
  2. Connecting people, organizations, and resources in every possible way
  3. Finding and spreading good ideas—without promoting their own causes or issues.

Have more questions about the network? Visit our FAQ and ask a question, or comment on an answer that’s already there.


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