What do a Peace Corps volunteer, a Brazilian politician, and an epidemiologist have in common?

Photo credit: Donna Cymek, Creative Commons/Flickr

Photo credit: Donna Cymek, Creative Commons/Flickr

They’re all Idealists!

Each week, we’ll introduce you to some members of the Idealist community who are out to do good in the world. You can get to any of their profiles by clicking on their picture. Then just click Send a Message to reach out!




April Fredricks is a Peace Corps volunteer working in Namibia. She’s a great resource for people considering volunteering abroad and is interested in sustainability and the environment. She’d love to connect with other Idealists before returning home to the Pacific Northwest, so check out her profile!




Jonviea Chamberlain is an epidemiologist about to graduate from UMASS-Amherst. She will soon move to Switzerland to start a PhD researching spinal cord injuries. If you have questions about her field of work, send her a message! She also enjoys reading and photography, for less scientifically inclined Idealists.



André Dutra works with the Brazilian government as an advisor for Youth Policies. He also ran for office in 2010!  He is looking to meet new people and volunteer overseas. Send him a message if you’re curious about Brazil, politics, or just want to connect!





Aurora Gangan is looking for other Idealists who share her passion for improving the health and wellness of children. Born in the Philipines, she now lives in Seattle, WA. If you know of a volunteer opportunity she might be interested in, or just want to share some knowledge, let her know!




Matt Cifaldi works for Idealist and also wrote this blog post! I’m a member of Idealist’s community engagement team, and I would love to hear from you. Let me know if you’ve found something great on our site, have any ideas on how we can improve your experience, or if you have a great recipe for chicken empanadas.


Are you looking for advice? Or partners and collaborators? Do you have knowledge to share? Create a profile to offer your expertise to the community and to connect with people who can answer your questions, partner with you on a project, or help with an idea you’ve been developing. Include information about your past work and what you’re looking to get involved in. Happy connecting!

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