Visualization: Austin’s mind map

Noah Stoehle and Kieve Garner, two Connectors from Austin, Texas, think visually.

At one of their first meetings, they created this mind map to express “how we see this vision of the Connector Team and the Action Groups.”

What we did,” Kieve explains, “was define specific roles on the Connector Team. It helped us to make things more concrete so we could cut out confusion for ourselves and new Team members. We wanted to share this with you too and get your feedback. Maybe this will help cut out confusion for other folks. We found that it helped to see it visually.”



(click on the image to open up a bigger version)

Our feedback? First, we appreciate the deep thinking that went into putting this map together! The roles and goals are quite clear. We’re not sure it’s necessary to put “cause” in front of Connector, though, but we’re thinking on it. Thank you, Austin!

Connectors, does seeing your roles and the relationships between Teams and Action Groups mapped out make it easier to envision the Idealist Network? Does it raise any new questions or thoughts? Please share in the comments below.

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