Video spotlight: The magic is in the process

We write a lot here at Idealist about people who’ve made their ideas happen. And if you’ve been following along, you’ll recognize a common theme in their stories: it’s not easy.

In this video of Jane ni Dhulchaointigh at this year’s 99u conference, the Irish entrepreneur talks about how she launched sugru, a new kind of rubber that helps make your stuff work better.

“All the magic and beauty happens in the process, and not the finished product,” she begins.

She goes on to give a charmingly honest account of the valuable lessons she’s learned—and all the wonderful doubt, delusion, and failure along the way.

If you’ve ever been unsure or stuck, Jane’s story is sure to give you hope.


Did Jane’s talk strike a chord with you? Tell us about an experience you’ve had with process, product, and the related magic in the comments below.

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