This Saturday: Learn-a-Palooza in Washington, DC

From the DC Arts Center

Most of us know more than we think. And so do our friends. Whether it’s tango dancing, personal finance, knitting, basic yoga poses, how to change a bike tire, or converting a car engine to run on vegetable oil, we all have skills and interests that can be shared with others – and similarly, many people would love to learn a new skill or hobby, but aren’t sure where to start.

This Saturday in Washington, DC, a unique event called Learn-A-Palooza is going to help rectify the disconnect between the supply of collective community knowledge and skill and the demand of curiosity and desire for learning.

Classes on everything from greening your home or apartment to how to dance at a party will be taught. You can come by our Washington, DC office where our staff will offer workshops on volunteering internationally and finding the right nonprofit job.

You don’t need an RSVP to attend; simply show up to the workshops taking place around town that you find most interesting. Have a skill you want to share with the world? Sign up to teach in one of the venues provided by local businesses and shops.

One of our favorite things about Learn-A-Palooza is how easy it would be to stage anywhere in the world. A small group of volunteers is organizing this year’s event in DC, and we know if you ask them, they’d be happy to let you know how to organize Learn-A-Palooza in your town!

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