Tales of Tools and Tactics: Paid time off to volunteer

Tools and Tactics are replicable templates Connectors can use to multiply and amplify action and collaboration in their communities. We find they also make for tales about people all over the world who are promoting good in interesting ways. 

Offering employees paid time off to volunteer can encourage them to serve in their communities, and is a great way for companies to give something back.

Below, Marc Vettori, Director of Human Resources at Dansko, an employee-owned footwear company founded in Pennsylvania in 1990, shares his experience with Dansko’s program:


Dansko employees get their feet wet with the community.
(image courtesy Dansko)

Q: In offering paid time off to volunteer to employees at Dansko, what’s something that surprised you?

A: Organizations often reach out and ask us for volunteers, because we’re known in the community for giving back. A couple of years ago, an animal rescue organization needed their cat room painted. I, personally, don’t like painting, and that it was the cat room, well… it didn’t sound to me like the most awesome room ever. But we do have a lot of animal lovers at Dansko, and four employees stepped up and generously painted the room. That was a total, and good, surprise.

A different kind of surprising thing has been that while our executive team supports our employee volunteer efforts, most staff really recognize the importance of giving back, too. We had two women from customer service who had a goal to max out on the amount of paid time off for volunteering [20 hours per year]. So a lot of our people want to give back. This isn’t just a top-down thing.

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