Tales of Tools and Tactics: Incorporating service into conferences

Tools and Tactics are replicable templates Connectors can use to multiply and amplify action and collaboration in their communities. We find they also make for great stories about people all over the world who are promoting good in interesting ways. 

Conference organizers take note! Conferences are great for networking and learning, but they can also be prime opportunities to give back to local communities.

Below, Cheryl Hanback, who helped organize the day of service for the The Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network (NTEN) Conference, shares her experience:


NTEN conference-goers give back.
(image courtesy NTEN)

Q: In all your years of helping to organize NTEN’s Nonprofit Tech Conference’s Day of Service, what’s something you’ve seen carry over from year to year?

A: Camaraderie between conference attendees that volunteered during the day of service—whether we worked in a soup kitchen or in small teams to help a nonprofit with a tech challenge they were facing. I wouldn’t have put a price on that, or guessed it would’ve happened. Conference attendees came back year after year and felt so bonded, because you’ve gone out and helped that day, and you did it together. People made real connections. You don’t just sit at a lunch table for five minutes before a speaker starts, or eat dinner next to someone. You make real, grounded relationships.

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  1. James writes:
    April 10, 2014 at 12:27 pm

    I couldn’t have said it better. “You make real, grounded relationships.”, something that can be hard to achieve at a conference. The Day of Service at the NTC provides a deeper connection and experience which positively impacts the community out side the hotel or convention center.

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