Is "social media" on your resume?


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12.12.2011: The bullets in this post have been updated to include the percentages of social media jobs (out of all jobs posted on Idealist) each year.

Fellow Idealist Jeremy and I recently ran a little test to see how frequently “social media” appears in job postings on our site. Here’s how many listings have included the phrase over the last several years:

  • 2007: 25 jobs, o.01 percent.
  • 2008: 125 jobs, 0.27 percent.
  • 2009: 507 jobs, 1.67 percent.
  • 2010: 2,115 jobs, 4.98 percent.
  • And in 2011 so far, 3,467 jobs, or 7.7 percent of all jobs posted this year.

Curious what the very first jobs to include “social media” were? Reaching all the way back to November 2006, we found four jobs from three trailblazing organizations: a Content Producer at WGBH Educational Foundation; a Social Network Designer-Manager at Games for Change; and two web developer jobs at Feminist Majority Foundation.

When I was hired in 2006, there are at least a few people on staff who were creating social media, but I don’t think they would have called it that. For example, our editor Eric checked all of the copy on our site, but he also served as a curator of news about the nonprofit sector and posted articles from around the world every day. He was blogging before we had a blog. Now social media weaves naturally into the jobs of many folks here, whether they’re writing emails for multi-channel campaigns, blogging here, or using social networking sites to learn about and grow our community.

Questions for you, dear readers:

  • What has this evolution looked like at your organization? Is your organization so new that the majority of your work takes place through social media, or have you spent a lot of time convincing people of the value of this type of engagement?
  • Are blogs, social networking sites, and other social media included in your job description? How much of your work time do they consume?
  • If you’re a hiring manager posting one of those 3,400+ jobs, what matters to you with regard to filling those roles? How do the best candidates showcase their experience in this area?

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Contests from Through Your Lens and YouTube

Photographers and videographers: two contests are challenging you to zoom in on change.


Photo by Flickr user kevindooley (Creative Commons)

Through Your Lens: School Facilities in America

Students, teachers, and anyone else with an inside view of our nation’s schools: don’t miss out on this opportunity to photograph what you’re proud of, stuff you’d like to see changed, and anything in-between. The 21st Century School Fund, Critical Exposure, and Healthy Schools Campaign hope that your perspective will click with enough elected leaders to start improving the quality of school buildings. Prizes include being featured in an exhibition in Washington, D.C., as well as a book and online gallery, and a digital camcorder. Deadline to submit is March 7.

YouTube’s DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards

For the fifth year in a row, the superstar video site is calling on nonprofits of every size to show off all the hard work they did last year. The prizes will have you reeling: $10,000 in grants from the Case Foundation, free registration to NTEN’s 2012 technology conference, a Flip Video pack, and your video featured on YouTube’s homepage. Deadline to submit is March 2.

Know about another funding angle? Leave a comment below!

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