Giant win: peanuts, crackerjacks, and grad school

When we scheduled our season of graduate degree fairs many months ago, we planned our stop in San Francisco for November 1. Who knew that the Giants would also be cruising to victory in Game Five of the World Series last night?


From Gary Stevens (Creative Commons)

Luckily, Idealists are nothing if not multitaskers. 600 fans streamed into the Hall of Flowers, scrawled name tags in orange marker (“Giants pride!”), and talked with representatives from 116 degree programs while root-root-rooting for the home team. At one point, the entire Hall of Flowers erupted in applause as cars honked outside in celebration.

We have just two fairs left this season: one tonight in Los Angeles, CA, and one this Thursday in Atlanta, GA. There’s no telling if they’ll be quite as eventful (though with tonight’s election returns, you never know). But I hope they are festive and that if you go, you connect with the school of your dreams.

And if you see Chris Machuca, the manager of the grad fairs, give him a wave. He’s wrapping up quite a season himself, having run events in 16 cities over the past three months. Home run, Chris.

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