Meet a Connector: Seana in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Seana Wilkerson has her fingers on the pulse of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

“I’m very active in community events and committees in Tulsa and I can’t help but spread the word about the opportunities that I hear about. It’s a passion of mine to facilitate the success of others,” she says.

Seana has a wide range of interests from photography and Harry Potter to human rights and global poverty. Currently, she works as a Diversity & Inclusion consultant and coordinator for DiversityConneX, an employment matchmaking website.


Seana Wilkerson

For Seana, who’s both local and global-minded, the Idealist Network is the perfect intersection of these two mindsets.

“It’s exciting because it seems much harder to get plugged in or have a global reach from where I sit in the Midwest. I’m hoping to catalyze my efforts and those in my region through it,” she says.

In Seana’s opinion, Tulsa is a great place to do something like this right now. The city is home to an award-winning young professionals network well as a collaborative, socially minded network of organizations and business leaders. The art scene is thriving, downtown is blossoming, entrepreneurship is encouraged, and small businesses rule – with two out of every five being started by minorities.

With all these pieces in place, Tulsa is poised to make these connections stronger. The challenge?

“I think every city struggles with how to get people engaged and the further south you travel in Tulsa, it seems the awareness and engagement drops,” she says. “Another challenge is that many people in the social impact scene are involved in several organizations and projects, so convincing them of another thing, even if it may make things easier in the long run, is tough.”

Seana is a one of two people on the Tulsa Area Team at the moment and remains hopeful that others will join. The Connector role couldn’t be any more suited to who she is.

“Neutrality doesn’t come natural because I hold strong opinions, but I recognize it is not all about me,” she says. “However, most of the time I get so excited thinking about ways to help someone that I don’t care if it is something I would do myself. I just want to see them reach that next step.”


Live in Tulsa? Join Seana! Live elsewhere? Look for a Connector Team near you or start one of your own.


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