Three unconventional ways to be generous

Photo Credit: arimoore, Creative Commons/Flickr

Today is Giving Tuesday, a collective effort encouraging us to give back this holiday season. While you can certainly make a donation to your favorite organization or cause, what are some other ways that we can be generous?  Here are a few videos to inspire you.

Write Love Letters

At the age of 22, Hannah Brencher was struggling with depression and loneliness. To help her cope, she started writing love letters and leaving them around New York City for strangers. Two years later, she’s leading More Love Letters, a movement that’s rooted in kindness and the intimacy of written letters.

Say Yes

For one month, Sasha Dicther of the Acumen Fund, said yes to every request for help. His month-long “generosity experiment” taught him that generosity is a practice we need to cultivate in order to break our culture of distrust.

Sasha Dichter: The Generosity Experiment from TED Blog on Vimeo.


Be an Everyday Hero

Mark Bezos is the Vice President of Development at the Robin Hood Foundation and a volunteer firefighter. In his work he has seen big acts of bravery and generosity, yet the downside is that we tend to think only the big acts matter. He encourages us not to wait to be heroes.



What does generosity look like to you?

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