Are you a jolly good fellow? 4 opportunities for you this fall and beyond

Fall is the perfect time to turn over a new leaf—and get more serious about making your world-changing ideas happen. Here are four fellowships to help you level up:

Atlas Corps Fellowship

  • WHO: Rising nonprofit leaders ages 23-35 from around the world with a Bachelor’s degree and English proficiency. There’s only one catch: U.S. leaders can’t apply.
  • WHAT: You’ll be placed at a U.S. organization with all living expenses paid, and receive leadership training throughout the year. After 12 or 18 months, you go back to your home country to share best practices, show off your new skills, and more.
  • WHEN: Deadline to apply is November 1.

Don’t fall into bad habits—apply now!
(photo courtesy LilKar on Shutterstock)

Unreasonable Institute Global Fellows

  • WHO: Open to anyone in the world with a for-profit or nonprofit social venture. The only things you need to demonstrate are strong business chops and your ability to continually iterate on your idea or product.
  • WHAT: If chosen to be one of 12, you’ll receive a more than reasonable package of customized mentorship, access to 250+ investors and funders, and support from others who have gone before you.
  • WHEN: Deadline to apply is November 7.

Global Health Corps Fellowship

  • WHO: English speakers 30 years old and younger who have an undergrad degree and believe health is a basic human right, regardless of past experience.
  • WHAT: Once accepted, you’re paired with a local from a health organization for one year of ‘frontlines’ teamwork in Burundi, Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia, or the U.S. (Boston, DC, Newark, or New York). Super cool bonus: an end-of -year retreat in Uganda.
  • WHEN: Applications open November 6; deadline to apply is January 26.

PopTech Social Innovation Fellowship

  • WHO: Social innovators in both the for-profit and nonprofit worlds. Applicants who pop have three to five years of experience, and are already working in organizations that have potential for growth.
  • WHAT: You and and 19 others will participate in an all-expenses paid program where established innovators and leaders will help you focus on scaling your innovation, culminating in a presentation at the annual PopTech conference. The rest of the year, you’re tapped into an alumni network to help you get media coverage and funding.
  • WHEN: Nominations open in February 2014.

Interested in more opportunities? Search Idealist for more than 1,500 fellowships around the globe.

Resource tip: The Opportunity Daily has all sorts of great fellowships, funding, and more sent directly to your inbox each day.

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Link roundup: Are you making the most of your career journey?

Fall symbolizes wisdom and abundance; are you taking a similar approach to your career? (Photo credit: blmiers2, Creative Commons/Flickr)

On Saturday September 22nd, Autumn officially began here in the United States (so long, Summer!). Autumn symbolizes wisdom and fulfillment, making now a perfect time to explore how you can make the most of your career journey.

To help you get started, we’re sharing some interesting articles on new ways of thinking about your work. Next week, we’ll share some resources and opportunities to help you put your ideas into action.

Michele Martin, Career resolutions as a key to career thriving

Career resolutions are really the habits we create for ourselves that we do on a regular basis. How do we spend that first hour of work? What rituals have we created for ourselves daily, weekly, monthly?

Goals give us a sense of destination, while resolutions are the habits that can take us there. And even when our goals feel unclear, we can still keep our resolutions as a strategy for continuing to develop even if we feel stuck or lost.

Brazen Careerist, How to succeed as a multi-passion careerist

The problem with being multi-passionate isn’t the long list of interests, the bouncing between ideas or even wanting to “do it all.” The problem is when you don’t finish something. If you make a commitment to yourself and back down, you’re going to feel crappy about it.

Instead of trying to narrow your passions, just make sure you finish what you say you will. By completing whatever passion projects you start out on, you’ll get an extreme high that will continue to motivate you in pursuing your other interests.

Mark and Angel Hack Life, 11 ways successful people start their mornings

Put first things first. Successful people recognize that not all hours are created equal, and they strategically account for this when planning their day. For most of us, our minds operate at peak performance in the morning hours when we’re well rested. So obviously it would be foolish to use this time for a trivial task like reading emails. These peak performance hours should be 100% dedicated to working on the tasks that bring you closer to your goals.

Rosetta Thurman, New leadership for a new nonprofit sector, a manifesto

“What kinds of nonprofit leaders do we need now in order to effect social change? Real social change?

My sense is that there are four kinds of nonprofit leaders we need now:

True Believers
Ruthless Innovators
Ambassadors of Diversity
Courageous Advocates

If you’ve been following my work or reading my blog for a while, you’ve probably guessed the punchline already. I believe that we already have these kinds of leaders in our midst, but that we just need to do more to support and engage them more fully in the work.”

Blog of Impossible Things, Get disciplined, not motivated

Everywhere you go, you see people trying to get motivated to do something, to make a change. They’ll go read something, watch something or attend a conference and come away “motivated.” But that only leaves them “motivated”, it doesn’t move them to action.

“I’m motivated to do this”. “I’m motivated to do that”. Stop being motivated and just do it already! You don’t need more motivation – you need discipline.

See discipline is a whole different animal.

What have you read recently that has helped you think about your work?

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