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If you’re looking to change the world, you’re probably also looking for information and a community to help you get started. Of course, you can always read about people making a difference right here in our blog and some of our favorite blogs like GOOD and Lifehacker. However, there are plenty of additional blogs out there where you can find advice on how to move from intention to action. Here are a few we love with blog posts for you to explore. If you are a social entrepreneur or intrapreneur, and need help getting started or pushing through that “Am I the only one?” feeling, is a new platform for sharing ideas, stories, and resources.

Dowser: We already know what’s wrong with the world (after all, that’s why many of are working for social change) but focusing on the problems can leave even the most dedicated changemaker full of doubt. Dowser focuses on what’s working—the people, organizations, and ideas that are transforming lives for the better.

99u: Though targeted at creative professionals—although what‘s more creative than, say, creating a plan to eliminate poverty?—the purpose of this blog is to help people execute on their ideas. In addition to thoughtful articles about overcoming obstacles to action, they publish workbook with short quotes and questions to help you move forward.

Shareable: This blog is all about sharing. They believe that sharing—which demonstrates a commitment to the greater good—is at the heart of what will make the world a better place so they cover the interesting and innovate ways people are giving their time and resources to others.

Social Good Guide: OK, I’m cheating here. This one isn’t a blog so much as a can’t miss resource for scholarships, fellowships, and other educational opportunities for people who want to accelerate social and environmental change.

We know we missed a few, so share what YOU love to read in the comments below.

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