Idealist Reddit Roundup: Tips on fundraising, starting a nonprofit, and more

A long, long time ago, Idealist started a subreddit at Since then, there’s been some of staff turnover and shuffling between offices, and our Reddit page has been woefully neglected.

We’ve recently rediscovered it, and we think it’s a great resource for spreading ideas, asking and answering questions, and following the issues facing the people and organizations working in social impact. People are talking about everything from nonprofit management to creative fundraising ideas to youth involvement, even how the sequestration will affect nonprofits.Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 1.51.28 PM

Giggidywarlock posed a question about starting a nonprofit that would organize the gaming community to fight against human trafficking. People offered some great advice on partnering with existing orgs, setting goals, and finding more resources on nonprofit administration. It’s a must read for anyone else thinking about founding an organization.

Littleshalittle asked about using Indiegogo to fundraise for a personal project. People shared how to make the most out of Indiegogo and how to use other channels to fundraise. Have you ever used Indiegogo or other crowdfunding platform? Or do you have any other advice? Go here to learn more or weigh in.

GreatRedditUsername sought advice on gathering items for a fundraising auction. Perpetualstroll, Verifiablyme and Theplayerpiano offered some great advice about creating a sponsorship package, going local, and making it easy and profitable for businesses to donate. Meanwhile Arumburg asked for commenters’ favorite unique fundraising ideas, and Bballpurdue22 solicited advice about using a “polar plunge” to raise money for the Special Olympics.

Thumbintofreedom received some helpful advice about lowering expenses at a food bank. Soujournadjourned gave DaisyLyman some words of wisdom about breaking into grant writing. And Xenocidal started a thread about where to start when looking for a nonprofit career.

Do you have advice to offer? Or a burning question you need answered? Head on over to the nonprofit Reddit page to join the conversation!


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