Beyond nonprofit jobs: How an Idealist plays matchmaker to help women leaders


Photo credit: Peshkova,

Twice a year, women leaders from Kosovo travel to Washington, D.C. to shadow folks at nonprofits, think tanks, media organizations, and more.  They do this for one month as part of the National Albanian American Council’s Hope Fellowships.

To find a good professional match for the women, Allegra Panetto, current Program Assistant at the Hope Fellowship, turns to Idealist to search for similar programs they can learn from.

Recently, for example, a Fellow wanted to develop a project that focuses on empowering women in local governance in Kosovo by building leadership capacities for women on the ground. By using the keywords “democracy” and “leadership,”  Allegra searched Idealist and found Council for a Community of Democracies. She reached out to them, and now the Fellow will spend four days at their offices, learning best practices and sharing her knowledge of the region.

“I really like Idealist because it breaks down things in a clear way. I like that I can see how active these organizations are. If they’re posting jobs, then I’ll take that as a good sign, ” she says.

Her other tips on how to make the most out of our site? Searching with good, specific keywords, patience when sifting through organizations, and broadening your geographic region to include not only the city, but the entire metro area.

Allegra is just one example of how you can use Idealist to not only find a job, but do your job better. How do you use Idealist beyond nonprofit jobs? What tips do you have?

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