Nominate an "Encore Careerist" for the Purpose Prize

Nominations for the 2010 Civic Ventures Purpose Prize are due March 5.

The Purpose Prize recognizes outstanding innovators who are working creatively to spearhead significant social change in the second half of life. If you know someone over the age of 60 who has initiated important innovations in an encore career, and who is currently working in a leadership capacity on an initiative to address a major social problem in the United States or abroad, consider nominating them for the prize. Five nominees will be selected to win $100,000 and five more will receive $50,000 as a “down payment on what these 60-plus innovators will do next.”

Previous winners include a doctor and special education teacher who treat victims of terrorism around the world; a psychiatrist who recruits mental health professionals to provide free, confidential counseling to veterans, active-duty military personnel and their families; a computer executive who built a nationwide substance abuse recovery program based on Native American beliefs and traditions; an engineer who created “green” bricks out of fly ash, the residue of coal-fired power plants; and a telecommunications executive who brought broadband to Rutherford County and created an online ordering system that enables local farmers to sell their produce directly to Charlotte restaurants.

Funding for the prize is provided by The Atlantic Philanthropies and The John Templeton Foundation. Nominees must be residents of the United States or a U.S. territory.

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Leaders from Girls, Inc., DC Central Kitchen, Civic Ventures, and Public Allies to Headline Nonprofit HR Conference

Registration is open for the 2009 Nonprofit Human Resources Conference, to be held October 4-6 in Washington, DC.

The impressive lineup of keynote speakers includes Robin L. Robin, Director of Human Resources at Girls, Incorporated; Phyllis Segal, Vice President of Civic Ventures; Robert Egger, Founder and President of DC Central Kitchen, Inc.; and Paul Schmitz, President and CEO of Public Allies.

From the conference website: Nowhere else in the entire nation will you find as diverse a group of nonprofit executives, researchers, consultants and capacity builders gathered to specifically discuss issues unique to the sector and to the sector…Not only will you be able to connect with like-minded professionals, more importantly, you will find yourself in the company of dedicated HR practitioners who know and understand what it means to work in a mission-driven environment.

Visit the conference website to learn more and to register.

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