New Site Promotes Journalism as a Positive Force

From Flickr user Ian Munroe (Creative Commons)

Want to learn how Kiva grew from a group of four friends to a multi-national organization? Or how Global Citizen Year recruited its first corps of participants, when the idea of a “bridge year” between high school and university is still relatively foreign in the United States? Or how Bikes for the World got better donations and increased their transparency when they began charging donors for the cost of shipping their used bikes?

You can explore all this and more—in friendly, bite-sized chunks that don’t sacrifice illuminating details—on the new site, which aims to uncover and spread stories of change.

From their site: “At Dowser, we present the world through a ‘solution frame,’ rather than a ‘problem frame.’ We’re interested in the practical and human elements of social innovation: Who’s solving what and how. We want to know how people come up with ideas, how they put them into practice, how they pay the bills, and what fuels their fire.”

We first learned that Dowser was on the horizon quite some time ago, when they interviewed our founder and executive director, Ami Dar. Now that the site has launched, we’re looking forward to seeing how it evolves.

Aside from Dowser and magazines like GOOD, Ode, and YES!, do you know of other media outlets or organizations that focus all of their attention on positive stories?

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