Headlines: Egypt; social enterprise; Boomers’ encore careers

A few of the articles and images that caught our attention this week.


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And speaking of Egypt…

On another note: “Encore careers” movement grows in U.S.

This Jan. 27 USA Today article (hat tip: Michelle Hynes at Civic Ventures) says, yes, there are economic forces keeping many Boomers from retirement – but more than that, they are marketable, tend to be altruistic, and “desire to work directly with people after careers that were more impersonal.”

We tweeted this and asked for examples, and Jessica Stein tweeted back:

@idealist My mom “retired” from her near 15 yr job as a principal to go teach literacy in the inner city

and then went on:

Tweets from @jessicahstein

Know someone looking to transition into nonprofit work after a career elsewhere? Our free Guide to Nonprofit Careers for Sector Switchers might be helpful.

Social entrepreneurship trends and opportunities

Happy Friday, everyone. Make some good news this weekend.

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