Holy to-do list, Batman! Behind the scenes with our developers

In agile software development (the methodology we used to create our new site), a team of developers will set aside one person to serve as “Batman.” Batman’s job is to respond to ad hoc requests that come up, so that the rest of the group can stick to a timeline and focus on releasing their planned new features.

Our Fishbowl (as we call our team of developers and site project managers) took Batman to a new level throughout our development process. Now when you look at their to-do list, you see tasks categorized under headings like “Bat-signalled” (on the radar), “Crime-fighting” (underway), and “Landed” (done).


From Creative Cupcakes (Flickr/Creative Commons)

ZAP! Here are some things that have landed over the past few days:

  • Areas of Focus, such as “Arts,”  “Human Rights,” and “Disaster Relief,” have been added to the Advanced Search page. You can select as many as you want to create the perfect search.
  • On the left side box, you can see the live search results reflecting what “Idealist is”: 6,385 jobs and counting, 57,780 organizations and counting…

POW! Here’s what our crime-fighters are working on this afternoon:

  • Preparing to send email alerts, as soon as possible. For those of you who have been waiting, your next alert should include all of the content matching your search since the last email alert. You won’t miss a thing!
  • Bringing back the option to expand search results using geographic proximity.
  • Updating our Spanish and French sites to reflect all of the recent changes.

KABLAM! …And here’s what we’ve got bat-signalled to handle as soon as possible:

  • Make it easier to search jobs by function (in the meantime, you can always search for keywords like “grant writer” or “social worker”).
  • Improve the education requirements field on the job listing form, to make it more useful when searching.
  • Make sure a user can delete any action from her Latest Actions feed.
  • Make sure organizations who use HTML in their job postings have perfect formatting in our new system.

Of course, there are many more items on our list. Cross your fingers that no Jokers or Riddlers get in their way tonight!

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