Be a "Career Entrepreneur" with help from two Idealist alumni

One of my favorite things about working here is that when our colleagues move on from Idealist, they tend to keep us posted about their big new (ad)ventures.

Case in point: Steve Joiner, co-author of The Idealist Guides to Nonprofit Careers, and Cathy Wasserman, who wrote some of the chapters in those Guides and our popular “Ask Cathy” column. They’ve recently teamed up to offer trainings, webinars, and retreats to help attendees find careers they’ll love.


Cathy Wasserman and Steve Joiner

In a recent blog post over at 21st Century Worklife, Cathy writes:

You don’t have to sell yourself anymore, force yourself to fit into jobs and organizations, or be three different people: you on the job, you at home, and you looking for a job. Imagine all of the time and energy you’ll be freeing up by not doing work and life “costume changes” day after day.

I talked to Steve recently, who added:

When I speak to job seekers, I tell them two important things:

1. One, you’ve got to ‘own’ your career. No one is going to care about it more than you.

2. If you want the ‘silver bullet’ that will land you your dream job, here it is: You need to do some quality reflection to understand your skills and values and then to figure out how you can really make a difference in the world.

We describe this worklife attitude adjustment as Career Entrepreneurism.

Wondering how to do that self-reflection? If you can make it to New York on April 16-17, you can join Cathy and Steve for a retreat called Reclaiming Work: Realizing Your Potential and Finding Peace of Mind. Follow that link to learn more and to get a $100 discount if you register by March 31.

For more on self-assessment, you can also check out What is Your Career Path in the Idealist Career Center.

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