Opportunity Spotlight: Election Day Edition

As Election Day draws closer, Idealist is brimming with related events, jobs, and volunteer opportunities. We’re bringing you a small sampling of what’s currently on the site, but just search for keywords like “poll”, “vote”, or “election” and you’ll find plenty more!

Photo Credit: boxer_bob, Creative Commons/Flickr

First off, if you’re reading this blog post and just remembered that you never registered to vote or receive an absentee ballot, you should immediately head to Turbovote.org. Chances are, you’re too late to vote this year, but for the next cycle Turbovote can help by sending you all the required forms and keeping track of deadlines. It will even send you a reminder texts and emails!

If you are ahead of the game and have already sent in an absentee ballot or have free time on Election Day, why not be a polling monitor? You can volunteer in Washington, D.C. with the ADC (American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee) or in Chicago with the Asian American Institute.

After a hard day of civic engagement, Bostonians can unwind at the Election Night Viewing Party arranged by SoJust Vote. If your candidate wins, you can celebrate in the company of other people! If they lose, you won’t want to be alone when the depression hits.

After the ballots have been counted, try to make sense of the results by attending the panel “What Do We Do Now?” at the University of Pennsylvania on November 19th. Hosted by the National Constitution Center, the panel will discuss how the recent election results will change the political landscape. It features a Congressman, a U.S. Ambassador, and a bestselling political author.

Finally, if in the past few months you’ve found yourself engrossed in every poll and analyzing every speech, perhaps you should consider a career on voting and elections. A quick search with the keywords “election” and “vote” brings up a campus organizer position in New Jersey, an elections policy analyst job in New York City, and a political data manager post in California.

At Idealist, we’re proud that we have such an engaged community. So, remember to set time aside on Tuesday, November 6th and vote!