Sewing, photography, and researching: Can you use these skills to make a difference?

Photo credit: Donna Cymek, Creative Commons/Flickr

Photo credit: Donna Cymek, Creative Commons/Flickr

You sure can! And each of the individuals below would love to tell you how!

Each week, we’ll introduce you to some members of the Idealist community who are out to do good in the world. You can get to any of their profiles by clicking on their picture. Then just click Send a Message to reach out!

WasimWasim has worked for a wide array of media organizations around Los Angeles and amassed an impressive amount of experience. He founded Kotori Magazine in 2003 and is also an avid photographer, a skill he would like to use to help out organizations and causes he supports. Check out his Idealist profile to see some links to his photos, and contact him if you have any questions about media or want to collaborate on a project.





After graduating college with a degree in anthropology, Sara worked with primates in Oregon, Indonesia, and Chicago. Now she’s moving to Arizona after acquiring an M.A. in Nonprofit Management. She’d love to share her knowledge about anthropology, primates, and nonprofits, so send her a message!



ClayClay recently moved to Maryland and works with Habitat for Humanity. He’s dedicated to living and promoting a sustainable lifestyle, and would like to meet people that share his concern for the environment. He’s particularly concerned with lessening fossil fuel consumption and revitalizing urban communities. Help Clay make a change and drop him a line!



Alissa For the past seven years, Alissa has owned and operated a clothing boutique in Southampton, NY. She’s an expert in fashion design and has been sharing her skills with others for years. She is particularly interested in teaching young adults and children how to sew and design. If you’re curious about the fashion industry she’s an invaluable resource.




April is one of our editors at Idealist, and loves connecting with interesting people. She can give you advice about everything from urban bike riding to 3-day weekend itineraries. She’s a great person to contact if you have questions about how to start a career in writing or just want some suggestions about getting involved in the NYC nonprofit community.



Are you looking for advice? Or partners and collaborators? Do you have knowledge to share? Create a profile to offer your expertise to the community and to connect with people who can answer your questions, partner with you on a project, or help with an idea you’ve been developing. Include information about your past work and what you’re looking to get involved in. Happy connecting!


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  1. AJ Fletcher Foundation » Have a great weekend! writes:
    March 8, 2013 at 1:04 pm

    […] like the idea that every single person has a set of skills that can help them make a difference. Even those who like to sew or work with […]

  2. Joan M. Williams writes:
    June 22, 2013 at 5:27 am

    Of course you can make use of these skills. I honestly think that people are given different skills so that they can help each other to sustain the community. :) Whatever skill we think we might have, we have to try, explore, and learn more because it just might pave way for better means of living. :)

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