Real World Idealists: What's Your Story?

From Flickr user kodomut, a library volunteer

Yesterday I received a newsletter from Google and learned about a fun project called Your Google Stories:

Earlier this month we shared a handful of stories from people who have used Google in interesting ways that helped them solve a problem large or small. Their stories range from the mundane—finding the manufacturer of a frying pan, or the composer of a song—to the sublime: finding a long-lost love, welcoming a brand-new family member into the world.

This series reminded me of a couple of posts we wrote earlier this summer, titled Real World Idealists. In one, we shared a love story about a volunteer from Portland, Oregon who went to Brazil to volunteer for a couple of weeks, and ended up getting married to the founder of her host NGO!

With a big tip of the hat to Google, we thought we’d ask: do you have a story about how using our site helped you make a move, dream big, or solve a problem?

If so, please share it below in the comments. We might follow up with you and share it on our blog!
[This blog entry appeared on an older version of Idealist; any broken links are a result of having re-launched our site in Fall 2010.]

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