Organization Spotlight: Theatre, cricket, and garden furniture edition

As a thank you to our community, each week we’re highlighting interesting organizations and opportunities that you’ve shared on our website. Because of you, is a hub for people who want to create a better world. Thank you.


Today's star: YOU! (Photo Credit: Spigoo, Creative Commons/Flickr)

For each of these installments, my plan was to pick one neat new organization or opportunity on the site to share with all of you, but there’s just too much awesomeness out there to share just one. Here are a few that struck my fancy this week:

La Petite Morgue

I don’t know a lot of French, but I think you get the vibe of this organization. La Petite Morgue presents performances of original and classic works of horror. In their innovative works they combine the interactive haunted house experience with the experience of a live stage act to “reach theatre fans who are scared of horror and horror fans who are scared of theatre.” Their upcoming production is called “Fresh Blood.”

The Cricket Association of the Blind, Nepal

While touring schools for the blind in India, Nepali teachers discovered Indian students playing cricket with special balls that made a distinctive sound as they whizzed by. The Nepali teachers brought them back to their own schools, and the sport has since spread across Nepal to seven schools for the blind and twelve districts throughout the country. The Cricket Association of the Blind promotes the sport through events, raising money, providing scholarships, and encouraging awareness. They aim “to give blind people dignity, opportunity, a social platform and a robust counter to the old and tired perceptions of visually impaired people in Nepal and South Asia.” This year, they’re hoping to send their first team to the World Cup!

The Forest Trust

Every product has a story, and TFT is looking to rewrite the stories of products we use every day – from garden furniture to shoes to paper. TFT is a UK-based global nonprofit that works to bring about sustainable development by improving products and supply chains. They focus on the “extraction” stage of production, working with companies and local communities to change social and environmental dynamics surrounding the use of natural resources. Their member businesses include eighty retailers and manufacturing companies, and their projects impact about 8.5 million hectares of forest land across the globe.

High fives all around! And if you ever see an organization you like, add a comment to their page or click Connect to show your support and keep up to date with the opportunities they’re offering. The Idealist community is brimming over with great ideas, interesting work, and exciting people. Take a look around. Leave anything interesting you find in the comments!

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