Open question: How can being a Connector benefit me?


As a Connector, you help others. But you also might be thinking, “How does being a Connector help me?”

Being a Connector has all sorts of perks related to making the world a better place: you’re connecting people, sharing good ideas, and encouraging action in your community.

But we’re learning that there’s also some personal gain to be had in the role. No shame there! Here are a few Connectors sharing how they hope the Idealist Network will benefit them:

From Seana in Tulsa, Oklahoma:

I hope it will provide me with joy, but also career development. This is the sort of work I want to do full time.

From Amanda in Fayetteville, Arkansas:

It would take a lot of the workload off my shoulders for people to connect with each other and not feel like they have to go through me. I first signed up because I feel lonely out here. I want to meet more people who think like this. I want to meet more people who think like a solutionary. Mostly so I don’t feel like I’m going crazy. I want other Connectors in my life and the support of like-minded people who already get the process. They are going to have ways of connecting I want to learn from. That will make my job more fun and easier. Connectors coming together is a huge benefit for everybody.

From Anna in Cambodia:

Being a Connector is a great way for me personally to build a network, and also keep connected with issues outside of Cambodia.

Your turn! How do you hope being a Connector will benefit you?


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