Open question: Have resources, need connections?

We’ve noticed some Teams talking about how they live in a resource-rich community, but feel that all the great stuff they have to offer could be put to better use if they were more connected.

This is a good problem to have, and tackling it is one of the goals of the network: how do we connect more resources and people so that fewer opportunities for action are missed?

Here’s what some of you are saying about it:

AJ in Lima, Peru:

I would love to see a better network of contacts here in Lima—a real forum people know they can turn to for resources. In Lima today, there’s a lot of dynamism between the government, third-party organizations, and the people.

There are many energetic, passionate social justice movements going on, and when Ami presented his analogy of the apartment building, I couldn’t help but think Lima was just the same: a space filled with people and ideas that would benefit from better coordination.

Normally I’d say that being enthusiastic will help me as a Connector to keep the momentum going, but there’s already so much energy and passion at play here on the part of the people themselves—they just need a solid network to complement their efforts!

Nick in Atlanta, Georgia:

Atlanta is a city of the civil rights movement, and the history down here is a very active one. What’s great about the city is that there’s a nonprofit for everything you can think of. We have some serious market saturation going on. So there’s no lack of opportunity to serve.

But what I hear a lot from the organizations I’m meeting with is that as much as we have all these different organizations out there trying to promote positive change, there’s a real lack of connectivity and collaboration.

Kieve and Noah in Austin, Texas:

We have a very large non-profit sector here in Austin – over 7000, and potentially growing. This is a little daunting when it comes to connecting people to organizations and volunteer opportunities.

What would help us, is to get some input from sister cities/teams that also share this unique demographic. How they are getting started and what first steps they are taking in tackling such a large span of organizations. Can you shed some light on this for us… or connect us to a similar group or groups?

Fellow Connectors, what do you think? Does your community have a wealth of resources but need help connecting them? How are you and your Teammates approaching the issue?

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