Nonprofit Finance Fund survey deadline: Feb 15

Another day, another dollar, another survey

imageEach year, the Nonprofit Finance Fund surveys U.S. nonprofits. The goals are to document the issues being faced by community-serving organizations and to identify ways the fund itself, and other supporters of the work of nonprofits, can be most useful.

It takes maybe 15 minutes to complete the survey, which requires a pretty broad knowledge of an organization’s activities – from the state of the finances to relationships with funders to the board of directors.

Do you have that knowledge? Take the survey today! And if that’s not you, consider passing the request along to someone who has a good handle on how things are going. The survey closes on February 15.

Why take the survey?
Accurate information about what nonprofits can and can’t do is really important now as governments at every level struggle to meet community needs. Many foundations are cutting back on grants; others are shifting their priorities to meet new challenges; and individuals—whether donors, patrons, visitors, or clients—are feeling the pinch and watching their wallets with new caution. Accurate and up-to-date information about the state of nonprofits and their finances will help policy-makers, philanthropists, and program managers avoid mistakes that could make a bad situation worse.

Want to learn more about nonprofit finances?

Here are more resources:

  • The Urban Institute’s annual fundraising survey, conducted with the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University and other collaborators.
  • From the IRS, a new search tool that allows you to check on the exempt status of an organization directly on the web.
  • The final version of the Form 990 for 2011 (the one larger organizations will need to file by May 15, 2012) is now available for download (PDF). The form 990-EZ will be published soon. There is no change in the Form 990-N (“e-postcard”) used by small organizations to maintain exempt status.

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Comments (2)

  1. gabiel writes:
    February 10, 2012 at 12:59 pm

    i would seriously like to speak with someone, in person mind you, about setting up a non-profit for adult americans trying to afford the cost of realizing their mistakes in life and returning to education as a way to pay-forward the gift as an american who is able to even ask this question? i am one now that can not afford the the now to give later, but still believe in the principles my country is based on….. i know how to ask in this little of information, most likely, except to say there is truly a need for people who can help feed the mind of adults who found they are left out in the cold when it comes to realizing what is important for the people in life who give a shit and want change for the better of not just the resources they have to offer, but also the means to attain those resources, in america no less, where i was taught–NO ONE WAS TO BE LEFT BEHIND, REGARDLESS OF FINACIAL STATUS. yet here i am in america and can not figure out how to support myself through school as an adult who now rather than being pushed as a child when i did not… in short it means, and represents something now in time that even though i was taught was possible, seems to be a lie just santa and the fucking toothfarie! ANYBODY WHAT TO TRY? YEAH I AM PISSED, i feel as though my country has failed me and people continue to live lies as they stare down from higher statures in their own minds of being better than anyone else because they have and know not what it is to care more from the experience of life….

  2. gabiel writes:
    February 10, 2012 at 1:04 pm

    still stumbled on my own words, guess that is just another excuse to say some people make their beds but do not deserve education at the expense of giving a fuck in the first place… go figure!

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