Meet an Action Group founder: Foday in Freetown, Sierra Leone

Foday Kallon can’t stand government corruption.

As a young accounting and finance professional, he would love to see the government in his home country of Sierra Leone be forced to make all financial reports public so people can ask questions openly and freely.

Simply put, he believes in power to the people.


“My greatest passion in life is to bring equality to where inequality exists, and bridge the widening gap between the rich and poor through peaceful civil activism and public sensitization campaigns,” he says.

So far, to draw attention to the abuse of public funds, Foday has launched several radio campaigns and organized a rally to bring this issue to youth and the general public.

He also recently created the Action Group “Seeking for a Transparent & Accountable Government in Sierra Leone” to build momentum for a second rally and get more support for the issue – especially from those living outside the country.

“The Action Group will be of pivotal importance in enabling us to secure more resources (human and material) in order to spread the message nationwide and in the diaspora to combat corruption as quickly as possible,” he says.

Of course this issue doesn’t come without its challenges, mainly, political interference. But for Foday, the Action Group is also a way to grab the attention of the world.

“We look forward to international partners helping us overcome such challenges peacefully,” he says.

Have ideas? Let Foday know or join his Action Group. Curious about Action Groups? Find one near you or start one of your own!

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