Maryland’s Connector Team: ‘Party at Ginny’s house!’

Connectors in Silver Spring, Maryland are meeting at Ginny Hillhouse’s home this Wednesday to eat homemade pizza and talk about how they can better their city and surrounding areas.

They’ll be doing so around Ginny’s dining room table, which she expanded from five to seven feet a couple of years ago so it could fit up to 16 people.

There’s hardly room to walk around it but Ginny doesn’t care. “I just really love to get people around the table,” she says. “There’s something about sharing food and drinks that helps people to be relaxed and open with each other.”


Ginny’s table, which she admits looks smaller in the photo than it actually is.
(photo courtesy Ginny Hillhouse)

Recently, her table has been the gathering spot for neighbors during a particularly bad snowstorm and a local group working on reducing highway noise. And now, she’s adding Connectors to that list.

“I don’t want to be by myself doing good work. I want to be with everyone else doing good work,” she says.

For Ginny, who opened up her home without hesitation, creating a Team seemed like a no-brainer.

A former journalist and current marketing specialist who’s involved in a range of community work—from taking care of sick neighbors, to working for decades with her PTA, to organizing an arts and crafts festival every winter—connecting is just what she does now. Though it hasn’t always been this way.

“Although I started out as an aggressive seeker of truth and action, I’ve evolved into a continuous nurturer and facilitator. I’m so thankful for this new Idealist Network because Ami’s philosophy seems so similar to mine,” she says.

Good luck with the meeting, Ginny! We look forward to hearing more!

Interested in hosting a Team meeting in your area? Sign up as a Connector here.

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