Intro to Tools and Tactics

As we move forward, one of the first things we’re doing is building a rich menu of all the ways in which action and collaboration can be promoted in various settings: neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, etc.

To start, we’re creating Tools and Tactics (T&Ts) for Connectors. These templates for action are meant to help answer the question: “What are all the things WE could do here to help more people take action?”

In this short video clip from the open session of the March 11 launch, Ami explains how T&Ts can help Connectors amplify action in their communities:


You’ll see that T&Ts vary widely, from a “Three Question” exercise that can be done quickly and informally in any setting to something as specific as a hotel encouraging its guests to support a local organization. Some can be done easily by one person, and others—such as a full-fledged volunteer fair—would require a team of people to work together for a while.

This week, we’ll be adding a few more to this list. We’ll also start making each template much more interactive. Here’s the first batch.

Connectors: we’d love to know what you think of the format: could you cook this dish? Is there enough detail here? You can add your questions, comments, or ideas to the open discussion at the bottom of the page.


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