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In honor of Idealist’s upcoming campaigns in Ohio and Minnesota, two of this week’s Idealists live in these states. Don’t forget that in order to view their full profiles, you need to have a profile, too. It’s super easy to sign up.

a97011d8-27d0-44e1-b36a-d60a7400beef-mA man of many skills and interests, James currently works in Wisconsin as the associate director of grants at Moraine Park Technical College. Though he’s great with the grants, James actually has a master’s in social work. He’s worked as a counselor, outreach specialist, psychotherapist, social worker, program and executive director, and instructor. James also passionately pursues motorcycling, travel, and the performing arts. He attended the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music and has been to almost every American state, mostly by motorcycle, as well as Canada, Mexico, the British Virgin Islands, Scotland, and Ireland. If you want to talk about grants, diverse careers, sustaining your hobbies, or traveling, send James a message!


d93999bb-1e82-4ef7-a69c-4b5cf3a05b8a-mJeanne has oriented her career within two realms of endless importance to her: the world of nonprofits and the world of collaboration. A graphic designer and project coordinator, Jeanne started out as part of a theater group and grew to develop her own freelance design business. Jeanne nurtures and values the many professional relationships she made along the way, and continues to seek out collaborative environments. She’s especially looking for opportunities that combine her interests of photography, music, architecture, and sustainability, and where she can keep learning and growing. Contact Jeanne if you’d like to talk about design, project management in the nonprofit sector, Chicago, or any of her other interests!


eb94131a-8445-418d-8c13-595236e7a4dc-mEleven years ago, Doris made the move from Nigeria, her home country, to the U.S. Though her address may have changed, her daily work did not. She’s spent over 33 years doing what she enjoys most: caring for others and teaching them how to remain healthy and happy. Currently a school nurse in Minnesota, Doris is also a mother of four and grandmother of one. She loves meeting people from all cultures, and loves it even more when they understand how significant their health is to their physical, mental, and spiritual lives. Connect with Doris to talk about nursing, health, making that doable-but-scary international move, or what it’s like to work with people from so many different regions and cultures!


daab068b-44b9-4038-bff4-87e28b84054e-mSharon originally hails from Australia, but has gone onto live and work both in the U.K. and the U.S. She currently resides in Los Angeles, where she’s pursuing a career as a visual storyteller and photographer. She also teaches photography and digital media in colleges, art schools, and summer programs in L.A., and gives media lectures for the Notre Dame High School and Children Mending Hearts. Sharon is likewise a mentor with Pablove Shutterbugs Foundation and is on her way to directing and producing her first documentary film. If you’re interested in digital media, visual storytelling, photography, or if you share some of Sharon’s inspiration for visual style (1970s Bugs Bunny cartoons, Wim Wenders, and Atom Egoyan, to name a few), get in touch to talk more!


c8191f9c-2ab9-431e-aa01-7eb5c2760f3e-mAn Ohio native with a passion for politics and an eye for news, Abram pursues his love for U.S. and international government as a student at Ohio University. Eager to learn outside the classroom as well as within it, he ran a series of outreach projects as an organizing fellow for the president’s grassroots reelection campaign in 2012. Abram continues to seek out opportunities that will allow him to gain firsthand experience with politics, particularly international relations, so that he can keep expanding his knowledge base and connecting academia to practice. If you share Abram’s love for government, or if you want to discuss how to make a difference in the global community, message him to discuss!


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