Interested in design, social justice, or economic ethics? Connect with your fellow Idealists!

You already know that you can come to to find an awesome job, volunteer opportunity, or internship, but did you know that you can also find some awesome people?

There are thousands of people working for social change on and they’re all right at your fingertips, ready to answer your questions, partner with you on a project, or help with an idea you’ve been developing.

Here are just a few of the many Idealists who want to connect with you. Don’t forget that in order to view their full profiles, you need to have a profile too. It’s super easy to sign up.




Zoraida in San Francisco describes herself as “a maker of things visually tickling.” With skills in graphic design, illustration, and layout management, Zoraida wants to connect with other makers, designers, techies, and simply good people. Need some design help or want to discuss ideas for visual projects? Send Zoraida a message!



Susana After obtaining her Law Degree in Mexico City, Susana went on to study Environmental and Sustainable Development, all the while working as an investigator of alleged human rights violations. In 2008, she founded a law firm based in Mexico City and moved to Seattle to continue her legal work. Now Susana is a law clerk who also proudly serves as the President of the Board of the Seattle Latino Film Festival. If you’re a film-lovin’ Seattle resident, contact Susana about getting involved with the festival! Or, no matter where you live, send her a message if you’re intrigued by media, human rights, social justice, and connecting generations.


ChristianChristian studied social welfare and international public administration in New York, and  would like to contribute to any cause that helps create positive community environments. As an LGBTQ person of color, he is especially interested in working with others from similar backgrounds and using his past experiences to help and support disadvantaged youth. If you share Christian’s passion for building, nurturing, and strengthening community, start a conversation with him–he’d love to hear from you!


Raffaela is a photo editor who also works as a photographer and writer, specializing in alternative travel stories. Currently in Milan (though open to traveling), she’d love to volunteer her skills to help with interesting projects. Over the past 15 years, she’s worked with many different photographers, publications, photo agencies, nonprofits, and blogs, giving her quite the range of experiences! Raffaela’s favorite part about her job is finding the hidden and bringing it to light; contact Raffaela if you want to photo-talk or have an idea that could use a photographer’s eye!



Jason’s got a knack for combining the unexpected, evidenced by both his interests and experiences. He studied philosophy in Utah, then got a Masters of Public Administration, and has recently just submitted his dissertation on conceptions of poverty in Buddhist social and economic ethics. In addition to his studies, Jason has taught philosophy, business management, and ethics courses and worked for places ranging from adult literacy nonprofits to refugee resettlements to microcredit organizations. Interested in poverty relief, microfinance, religion and development, or interfaith . . . or more? This guy would love to connect with you!


Looking for more Idealists who want to connect and collaborate? Check out the previous installments of this series, and spiff up your profile to make sure people can find you on the site. Happy connecting!


If you don’t have one already, create a profile to offer your expertise to the community, and find people who can answer your questions. Sign up here and include information about your past work and what you’re looking to get involved in. When you’re done, send a link to your profile to, and you might see yourself on our blog!

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