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19872183-34bb-4340-8019-dd2a0913f238-mAfter studying political science and obtaining her Master of Public Affairs, Nikki worked as a crime analyst in Arizona, combining her love for design, analysis, research, and community service. She then transitioned into creative consulting, helping small businesses and nonprofits with branding, grant writing, and creative content. While working on one particular oral history project with a local community in Tempe, Nikki discovered a passion for storytelling, documentary photography, and the exploration of other cultures. If you’ve been bitten by the same community-oriented, creatively minded, storytelling, travel-hungry bug, send Nikki a message. She’d love to talk, learn, and connect with you!


7b96ffde-f57e-4fa3-b4a6-2d89d7fdffbb-mDhane currently resides in Kathmandu, Nepal where he volunteers in a small school and works with the Sahara Foundation. An American expat, Dhane has made his way to many corners of the world. He served in the Navy in the Philippines, South Korea, and the U.K. After returning and traveling throughout the U.S., Dhane attended college and graduate school for South Asian Studies and Community Health. Over the years, he’s taught in Thailand, China, Mongolia, Taiwan, South Korea, and Nepal. In Thailand, he founded a small home for children with the help of worldwide volunteers, and now he’s working on establishing a children’s shelter and education center in Kathmandu. Want to talk about setting up centers and nonprofits abroad? Or are you simply interested in travel, education, Asian studies, or what it’s like to find your home so far away from home? Contact Dhane to chat!



Roberta has obtained degrees in Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering, Neuro-engineering, and Business Administration. Career-wise, this has translated into research for a Neuro-engineering lab, product development for medical devices, and advanced development concept work for commercial products. What diversity! As she continues onward, Roberta hopes to find a position that will allow her to use her multifaceted background to help people directly and indirectly with technology, engineering, and project management. Contact Roberta if you want to talk about one of her many interests! She would also love to hear from anyone with technology ideas for water sustainability, infectious disease, reduction, or science education.


fd6f7bd9-7d67-45a2-ab70-32e1fa831cba-mDedicated to news, journalism, and information, Avalon works in San Francisco as the Editor-in-Chief and Operations manager of Umano, a mobile application that turns compelling news articles into sound files users can listen to. Avalon’s commitment to journalism reaches further into, but also beyond, the field itself; leading up to Umano, she was a journalist and editor for Berkeley publications, worked as a research and PR coordinator for a documentary on civil rights issues, and served as a paralegal. Avalon also studied history and international development in college while competing on the Cal Women’s Varsity Rowing Team. Send Avalon a message to exchange thoughts on community development or how we discover and share information in the modern world.


083be541-45c7-4f3c-9c25-22c255451841-mA Londoner by origin, David moved further south to Lisbon, Portugal, where he lives and works as an artist and community arts organizer. David dabbles in many art forms: he illustrates, paints, draws, takes photos, and writes. He describes his art as having a quick, spontaneous style. You can see some of his work on his blog. In addition to making art, David sets up art workshops to bring people together. He founded a community art group Chill Out Community Arts (CHOCA) with the main goal of encouraging people to simply ‘do’ art. Write to David if you want to discuss making art, community organizing, or spreading the concept of ‘do’ art!


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