Idealist Happy Hour: Where practical dreamers meet and greet

Here at Idealist, we’re all about connecting. We connect organizations with great volunteers, job seekers with their dream positions, and people with one another to create a more networked world, where no opportunities for action or collaboration are missed.


Idealists making connections offline offers an incredible online directory of people and organizations working in social impact, and the Idealist community is full of brilliant, passionate folks making the world a better place. If you’ve been reading this blog, then you know what I’m talking about.

On Tuesday, we decided to try taking our network offline. We got ourselves a little space at a nearby bar and invited a bunch of people we knew from organizations around the city to join us for an after work happy hour. We also asked them to invite some friends to come along. Almost a hundred people signed up.

Staff from education organizations mingled with volunteers from animal rescue groups. A recent graduate from an international development program chatted with the volunteer coordinator of a New Jersey community development organization. And the director of a group that teaches underserved students to make their own music teamed up with an organization that teaches children to animate in the hopes of creating movies with soundtracks.

Basically, lots of awesome people met lots of other awesome people and awesomeness ensued. We love seeing our community in real life, and we love introducing you to each other even more. We’re continually inspired by the work you all do, and we’re excited about the endless possibilities that arise when we work together.

We hope to bring happy hours like this to more cities this year, so stay tuned for an event near you!

Unfortunately, we can’t all be in a bar together all the time, but you can always use Idealist to find people and organizations to connect with online. If you haven’t already, go to, fill out your profile, and tell the community all about what you have to offer and who you’d like to meet


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