Idealist 101: Learn the secrets of our site

Well okay, they’re not really secrets—we’re pretty transparent here. But our new video series, Idealist 101, will teach you some quick and easy ways to make the most of your experience on our site.

The first installment focuses on making your organization’s page the best it can be. Whether you’re currently hiring staff, looking for volunteers or interns, or want to connect with the best people and orgs, your organization’s page is how you represent yourself to the Idealist community. So make it shine! Let Matt and Kim from our Community Engagement Team show you how.

It’s also no secret that you make Idealist.

Aside from our blogs and info centers, all the org pages, personal profiles, and opportunity listings are generated by our community. So not only does it benefit you to make your contributions as fabulous as possible, it benefits the whole site and everyone who uses it. Why wait another minute?!

  • If you administer an organization’s page, watch the video and click here to update your page and make it pop.
  • If you use the site as an individual, share the video with your favorite orgs to help them make the most of Idealist.
  • Check out more tips and stay tuned for the next 101 video!

How have you made your organization’s page the best it can be? Share your secrets with our community.

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