Idea List: A cathedral made of waste, sleepy drivers, and more

Need some inspiration for that project of yours, or just interested in new ideas from around the world?

Here are some fresh ones I’ve found while browsing the web lately:


Refashioned cathedral took 50 years to build. Photo from Dubas (Flickr/Creative Commons)

  • Elderly man in Madrid builds cathedral from salvaged materials (Inhabitat)
  • Horses provide therapy to the disabled and veterans on Long Island (Idea Mensch)
  • Women take baby strollers to the streets in 19 cities across Sweden to celebrate International Women’s Day and raise awareness for global maternal mortality (Matador)
  • Prettier fruit bowls prompt schoolchildren in a NYC lunchroom to eat healthier (Big Think)
  • The Anti Sleep Pilot mobile app in Denmark alerts drivers when they are getting drowsy (Springwise)

Did you read, see, or experience something lately that you think deserves more attention and maybe a copycat or two? Leave a comment below so we can add it to the next idea list!

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