Helping out after Hurricane Sandy

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Although Hurricane Sandy is moving out of the Northeast, there is plenty of work to be done. Whether helping people rebuild their communities or sharing information, there are various ways we can get involved.

If you have any other resources or opportunities to share, please include them in the comments.

To everyone who has been affected by the hurricane, including our neighbors in New York City, you are in our thoughts. Let us know how we can help.


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  1. Lenn writes:
    October 30, 2012 at 7:30 pm

    My thoughts & prayers with those who experienced this storm!
    Having experienced similar hurricanes in the past, I can offer some tips in immediately post-Sandy:
    Stick together: Close ranks with friends/neighbors/family. Share meals. Cook outdoors – BBQ/Soup etc. Bond/sing/pray! Music/radio is a great tool.
    If power is out: Use Solar lights indoors at night.
    BEWARE when using generators. Putting Gasoline into hot machines/ carbon monoxide fumes indoors can KILL! Also, beware with using/storing tools eg chainsaws; and, how you prepare/store/serve foods!
    Keep kids busy & SAFE by giving them light chores. They are AS or MORE traumatized than adults, although resilient. Give them something to do safely.
    Pet care is a great option/chore for kids!
    Keep books/puzzles/games on hand for boredom.
    Keep ALL batteries stored in high, dry locations. Submerging in water will kill ANY battery!
    “LIVE” cars (ie batteries connected) kills most cars – ie the computer systems blow up! Disconnect before any storm – or even after when car is not in use.
    Cars are livesavers after hurricanes BUT: Be aware when sleeping inside if motor is running! Stock up on tire repair kits/Fixaflat/tubes.
    The stress is a brutal Hammer! Beware of the temptation to use excessive alcohol/drugs/cigarettes.
    So too – beware of stress “hook-ups”! Like after a war, there is a mini baby-boom after a hurricane. The person with the A/C and when in survival mode a person with car is King/Queen as there is a larger craving for comfort/attention.
    Be nice, but have CLEAR rules when sharing/dealing with neighbors.
    Eg. Share chores/errands
    When documenting damages etc for insurance (and to save family pics before mold / water kills them) photo and email photos to yourself/a relative/cloud storage.
    ** Do this also for important documents – insurance/passport/land title etc.
    you WILL make new lifelong friends after the storm! Just choose them carefully!
    Before ANY major transaction (eg. Accepting help / work offers) get and copy down the ID of the person – eg their Drivers’ Licenses Numbers/Names/photo of them. This is also a good test if they are legit.

    * For any more tips or to chat, feel free to contact me on Facebook @ Lennon Christian

    God Bless

  2. Piotr writes:
    October 31, 2012 at 1:10 am

    You can sign-up for volunteering here:
    They have Astoria, Lower East Side and Red Hook communities proposes to sign up here for Sandy Recovery:

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  4. Celeste Hamilton Dennis writes:
    October 31, 2012 at 1:02 pm

    Six teams from Team Rubicon, an all-veteran volunteer disaster relief organization, are on hand to help with Sandy aftermath:

    You can:

    -Donate. $10 will feed a volunteer a meal. $25 will purchase a replacement chainsaw chain. $100 will cover the gas needed to get a team in place.
    -House and feed volunteers. If you’re in Virginia Beach, Baltimore, D.C., and Central Pennsylvania, TR is looking for generous hosts:
    -Send people who need help to TR. Know somebody who could use a hand to help with the damage? Share this work request with them:
    -Volunteer. If you’re a vet who has special medical, communication, engineering, or disaster relief skills, TR is always looking for more members to become part of their community.

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