Headlines: Muhammad Yunus; Diversity at work; Japan relief

Microfinance and leadership change

  • Microfinance Under Fire (New York Times): For context on the situation of Muhammad Yunus and Grameen Bank, and a caution: “When an organization has a founder who is intimately associated with it (as Jobs is at Apple), the leadership transition needs to be handled with great care.”

Tim McNichol, "White Males and Diversity" consultant and coach. Photo credit: OregonDOT (Flickr/Creative Commons).

Diversity at work

  • Diversity is Inefficient (New Organizing Institute blog): Ashindi Maxton writes, “With demographic realities and righteousness on our side, we strive to build diverse movements and organizations. My sense – and tell me if I’m wrong – is that mostly we fail…I’d like to make a few concrete suggestions for how any of us can start right now treating inclusion as a part of our purpose rather than a diversion.”

Relief for Japan

  • LivingSocial offered a unique coupon after the earthquake and tsunami: if subscribers donated $5 to the Red Cross to help with relief work in Japan, the company would match it. Total raised: more than $2 million.

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Comments (2)

  1. KASOZI IBRAHIM writes:
    April 1, 2011 at 3:41 am

    Re: Request for partnership and collaboration in networking.

    Youth Development Forum (YODEFO)uganda is a non government organisation, non-partisan,non profitable in nature.it started in 1999 and it was first registered in 2003,

    It is registered by NGO board under No S5914/4687 mandated to operate in Uganda.It is also regestered member with Uganda Network for Aids Service Organisations (UNASO), TASO, POWL AND working in partnership with Uganda Aids Commission (UAC)Family health international, Youthnet, Kabissa,Straight talk foundation,National Aids Manual(NAM),Kampala City Council and Princess Nikey Foundation A cancer fighting international Foundation.

    YODEFO is targeting the Development of Youth and Women especially within urban slums. The target areas include:Promote Youth and Women empowerment economicallyand socially.promote Human Rights,Public Health focusing more on HIV/AIDS and Malaria prevention,Environment awareness,Monitor war victims and assist them aganist the trauma.

    The purpose of this letter is first to inform you of our existence and then request to work with you for the good of the vulnerable groups in the community.

    We remain commited to volunteer services and development of Youth and Women.

    yours faithfully,

    Ibrahim Kasozi
    Exective Director.
    Youth Development Forum(YODEFO) Uganda.
    Plot 18 Namirembe Road, Lions Plaza 1st Floor suite 5.
    P.o Box 34654 Kampla Uganda,

  2. Jeremy MacKechnie writes:
    April 1, 2011 at 1:32 pm

    Hi Ibrahim, Have you registered your organization on Idealist? To do so, just click on add your org on the Idealist.org homepage. That will get you into our nonprofit directory, and you’ll be able to post listings like volunteer opportunities, events, and programs from there. Thanks!

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