5 tips for ignoring haters explained with GIFs

When haters, trolls, and Negative Nancies try to poo-poo your ideas, it’s best sometimes to just put up the blinders.

One of my all-time favorite inspirations for not giving a crap what people think about you (besides my dad) is Julien Smith’s The Complete Guide to Not Giving a F**k. After establishing that judgement is just a part of life and not everyone has to like you, Smith poses the following suggestions to help you “get back your self-respect in five easy steps.”

Here they are, illustrated with GIFs for maximum impact.

1. Do things that you consider embarrassing.








[via tumblr]

2. Accept, or deal with, awkwardness.









[via tumblr]

3. Refuse boundaries










[via google images]

4. Tell the truth











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5. Begin your new life








[via tumblr]

And there you have it. Remember, no one ever changed the world by trying to fit in.

What real-life do-gooders inspire you not to give a crap about what people think about you?


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