Groupon's G-Team: Support Causes, Cause a Scene


Illustration via the G-team site

If you haven’t heard of Groupon, it’s a pretty simple concept. It’s difficult to bargain a deal with a major retailer on your own, but if you were to team up with a couple of thousand of your closest friends, your collective consumer power would go way up. Groupon steps in to harness the power of its ever growing community (since most of us don’t have a few thousand close friends) to get businesses to offer exclusive deals in exchange for a guaranteed number of sales. In essence, Groupon is crowdsourcing a bargain.

Groupon’s new project, G-Team, will apply the crowdsourced bargain model to help connect local causes and movements to people that “want to do good, have fun, and make a real impact.” G-Team campaigns can help community organizations, fundraisers, and initiatives for social change reach a wider audience, hopefully letting you, the changemaker, “achieve something awesome that you couldn’t have done alone.”

For fundraising, nonprofits could ask the Groupon community for enough small donations to get over a programmatic financial hurdle. Host events or other programs open to the public? Consider adding a deal for registration that also has a volunteer service commitment attached.

G-Team campaigns are local, run for a short amount of time, and support causes that the Groupon community cares about. In addition, they’re only for specific projects and only succeed if they reach a ”tipping point” (just like the Groupon bargain of the day).

The pilot G-Team project is up and running in Chicago. To stay updated on its progress or to find out how G-Team could partner with your organization or cause, click here.

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