Graduate Degree Spotlight: Education

By Flickr user Kim Rodriguez (Creative Commons)

If you visit our site often, you probably know that we run a series of graduate degree fairs every year. The idea is to bring together prospective students with representatives from all sorts of graduate programs whose graduates go on to serve the public good.

To complement the fairs (and to supplement them, for those who can’t make it in person), we have created a series of “degree overviews” — snapshots of several types of graduate programs you may be considering.

Today we’re spotlighting our education degree overview. A graduate degree in education can take various forms (or be paired with a degree in another area of study), and can prepare students for a range of careers spanning from teaching to counseling, public policy, and even athletics. This versatility is appreciated by a number of different possible employers. While schools may be an obvious choice, many nonprofits, governmental agencies, museums, and companies also count amongst the employers that value the skills or specialties a teacher may bring.

To read more, or to access our full downloadable overview, click here.

And don’t forget, we’ll hold more graduate degree fairs in cities across the United States (and in Toronto, Canada) this fall, starting with New York, NY on September 16 and Providence, RI on September 20. Learn more about our fairs here, and mark your calendars now!

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