Friday highlights

I hope you had a good week. I want to close this week with a few links and highlights.

First, earlier this week we rolled out a new version of our individual profiles. If you missed that announcement and you want to update your profile, you can do it here.

Then, a couple of days later we launched a new set of Tools & Tactics for Connectors, generating some good conversations at the bottom of this page.

For one story from that page that touched us deeply – who is this boy?! – see the short video on this blog post.

Lastly, various teams have been meeting for the first time, and in the details and shared vision of this report from Silver Spring, Maryland and this one from Bucharest, Romania, you can see the potential of what we want to build together.

Several more meetings are planned for this coming week, including one at our New York office¬†tomorrow¬†(Saturday). We’ll continue to share your reports as we receive them.

Have a good weekend, and we look forward to sharing more pieces of this puzzle next week.



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