Field Report! Team meeting in Bucharest, Romania

Last Sunday afternoon, the Bucharest, Romania Team met in person for the first time.

Diana Cocoru tells us how it went:

We have finally made it! Two Connectors (Diana and Radu) of the Bucharest Team managed to meet face to face and discuss our way forward.

To let you know a little bit about the Idealist supporters registered in the Bucharest team: we currently are five passionate people, out of which only three are based in Bucharest. One is in the North of the country and one is based in Spain. However, we are happy that when we virtually get together, distance has no meaning and our common language is openness, motivation, acceptance and optimism.

Until now, we have had two online meetings and we plan to continue to organize weekly online meetings (every Monday), at least until Action Groups are launched. At that point, we plan to create and get involved in the Groups which will support several causes that some of us have already foreseen, in order to get from ideas to action and implemented projects.

IMG_20140327_183654 (1)

Diana and Radu meet face to face

We have also asked ourselves how would our Team function once the Groups are created and the Connector Team would risk to get fragmented and therefore lack certain coordination or cohesion. In order to avoid that, we are planning to organize monthly meetings with the Team, having the objective to share lessons learned, as well as resources (people, ideas, materials), which were discovered in each Group where we would be involved, and which could be interchangeable and useful to other Groups as well.

We have agreed that it is very important to hold our Connector Team kernel together, because this will be the real support to build trust, encouragement and move things forward at our local level.

Meanwhile, we are still getting used to each other in our Team, knowing that we are different personalities and temperaments and we have also proved to have different work styles. But this is only an added value to our Team and we can definitely build a sustainable architecture on it.

Greetings from Romania,
Bucharest Team

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Diana. Thank you and we’ll look forward to your updates!

If you’re in Romania, check out the Bucharest Team page. If you’re not, look for a Team—or start one—near you. And if you’re not a Connector yet, learn all about it and sign up here.

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  1. Rebecca writes:
    April 3, 2014 at 2:16 pm

    It’s really an incredible feeling to know that from Bucharest to Bahrain, Broooklyn to Bombay we are ALL dancing to the same beat to make the world a better place. It’s inspiring and empowering. Thank you!

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