Event spotlight: Birds, tax law, hacking, and boards in Boulder

Hark! A lark! (Photo credit: Meghan Kearney/USFWS, Creative Commons/Flickr)

With all the awesome organizations and people in the Idealist community, there’s no end to the variety of exciting opportunities to get involved. Whether you’re into birds or boards, tech or taxes, we’ve got something for you. Check out this sampling of great upcoming events:

Presidio Family Bird Count

On September 9th, join the Golden Gate Audubon Society for bird spotting in San Francisco’s Presidio. In the afternoon, young participants will have the opportunity to present their tallies. Last year, over 50 kinds of birds were recorded. The event is totally free and includes a “binocular bootcamp and birding basics” class for those who arrive early.

Stay Exempt Workshop

Every year, thousands of nonprofit organizations in the U.S. lose their 501(c)(3) status because they don’t file with the IRS or don’t file correctly. This one-day workshop on September 25th in Portland, Oregon will help you navigate tax compliance and regulations to keep your organization exempt.

Helping Hacks: The Goodnik Hackathon

Have a nonprofit tech project that needs help? Are you a hacker, developer, database genius, or project manager? Or do you just want to help connect some techie folks with the organizations that need their expertise? Then get involved in Goodnik’s Hackathon. For one weekend, August 24th – 26th, New York’s best developers and designers will team up with the city’s nonprofits to create innovative solutions to real technological challenges. Neat, huh?

Boulder County Board Match

Board service is a great way to get involved with causes you care about. If you live in Boulder County, Colorado and want to learn more about participating on a board, or if you’re looking to build your own org’s board, head over to to the Boulder County Board Match on September 19th. You’ll be able to make connections with local organizations, gain professional development, and learn everything you could want to know about nonprofit board service. There’ll even be childcare available if you can’t find a babysitter that day.

Is your organization throwing a party, offering a workshop, or launching a project? Add it to our event listings! Just log in and click on “Post a Listing” to get started.

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  1. Jilan writes:
    August 24, 2012 at 5:31 am

    Scusate l’intervento che esula dall’argomento proposto ma vrroei sottoporVi queste domande:Perch sono state eliminate queste funzioni dal sito?:I voti nei post sono stati eliminati, perch ?Penso che se un intervento risulta essere maleducato o insolente, sottolineando la disapprovazione degli altri utenti si instauri in chi l ha lasciato un timore o una riflessione su quanto ha scritto.Altrimenti, a meno che non ci sia una supervisione accurata degli amministratori, essendo il messaggio anonimo si potrebbero verificare degli abusi. Bannarli servirebbe a poco essendo l iscrizione anonima. Questo senza nulla togliere agli iscritti che mi sembra siano molto corretti e responsabili.Un altra cosa, molto pi importante di questa, ho notato che non pi possibile scrivere recensioni. E una cosa momentanea o c stata qualche decisione in merito? Sarebbe un peccato perch molto utile sapere com’ un determinato gioco e come viene considerato

  2. Kim writes:
    August 27, 2012 at 10:29 am

    Hi Jilan,

    I’m sorry, we don’t have any Italian speakers on staff. It sounds like you’re having an issue with using the site. If you go to idealist.org/contact-us, you’ll be able to reach our lovely support person, who might be able to help you out.


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