Connectors, this is your blog! What do you want to see?

Idealist started a blog in 2006 to share with our community a variety of tales and tips about turning good intentions into action. Our subjects spanned everything from cupcakes to incarcerated youth to software development.

Then, this past March, we launched the Idealist Network and began devoting the blog entirely to stories about and for Connectors—you wonderful volunteers at the heart of this platform for action and change.

So now, the blog is your oyster! And we want to know: what do you want it to be?


  • What would you most like to read about that we haven’t covered yet (or haven’t covered enough)? Could you use more advice about how to run Team meetings, or how to talk about the Network? Would you be inspired by more stories of the positive change the Network is helping to create? Do you want more open questions to get you and your Team members thinking? Or…?

Please send your ideas to, or leave them as comments below.

Thank you! We want to write what you want to read.

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