Compensation: More than just a paycheck


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In our most recent HR Connections newsletter, our HR and Operations Manager Kara Montermoso writes:

Many of us are drawn to work in the nonprofit sector by the missions of our organizations, but our satisfaction with our work and the ways it impacts the rest of our lives are key factors in keeping us motivated and engaged. And one aspect that can contribute to our sense of satisfaction is our total compensation.

Anyone working in nonprofit human resources—or preparing to negotiate a salary and benefits package—might want to check out the article, where Kara breaks down six general components, from salary and benefits to organizational culture.

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  1. Chris writes:
    March 14, 2012 at 2:58 pm

    Yes because we are too noble to talk about the disgusting topic of “money.” Get real, this is very very important, let us not lose sight of that fact. The bottom line is, corporations (and I will include non-profits as well) are constantly coming up with excuses for you to do more work, and to pay you as little as possible. I’m a professional, and as a professional I care about my compensation. I am not attached to a contract and I will test the free market as much as possible. In the old days lifers were rewarded with a nice pension and health benefits, now pick up the paper and all you read about is cutbacks and broken promises. Don’t delude yourself into thinking that just because a non-profit has a few more perks (me days and ice cream socials) that they actually care about you. Bunk.

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