Communication challenges – and solutions

Last Thursday, Action Groups went live, and you can now see the first real ones have been posted on the Connector Hub.

While working on Action Groups, our other top priority has been to improve the ways that all of us can communicate and share information across this network.

Here is where we are right now:

1. Discussions on Teams and other pages

If you start a new topic or reply to a comment in a discussion, you will be notified automatically when someone replies to you.

Please note that when you first do this, you may get an email from Disqus – the tool we use for these forums – asking you to confirm that you want to receive these notifications.

2. Daily digests

As of a couple of days ago, you should be receiving a daily Connector Update that now includes:

– Network-wide updates posted that day on the Connector Hub at

– New discussion topics posted on your team page

– New meetings or events

– New members joining your team

3. Individual messaging.

If you want to reach out to other people in your team, you can click on their photo and then on their profile, and send them a message from there.

(Please be respectful of people’s inboxes and don’t use this for any other purpose. If you receive an unwelcome message from anyone, you can block and report that person.)

4. Coming this week

An updated version of the Connector Hub that will provide a better place for all of us to have an ongoing conversation across the whole network.

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