Clicking for change

If you want to contribute to organizations working in the public good but don’t have a Gates sized pile of cash, here are some quick ideas suggested by an Idealist member.

Visit “click to donate” sites. By clicking on links at these sites, you’ll be supporting activities of social good. Examples include The Hunger Site and EcologyFund.Com. Or try a “search and donate” site where a certain sum will be paid to charity for every search you perform. Try GoodSearch or Everyclick. You can also contribute the unused processing power of your computer to the global good at the World Community Grid. Or send instant messages to contribute via i’m Making a Difference. Finally, you can contribute through email and blogs using ippimail.

Thanks, Ajith, for the links!

Have anything to add to the list? Use the comment feature below.

[This blog entry appeared on an older version of Idealist; any broken links are a result of having re-launched our site in Fall 2010.]

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