Check out our first Action Groups!

Last week, we launched Action Groups. These location- or issue-based support groups are started and facilitated by one or more Connectors, and open to anyone who wants to take action on an issue, or help others do so.

We’re excited to see the first Action Groups starting to form and get moving! Here’s a quick sample of what’s going on so far:


  • Monthly Beach Cleanup in CaliforniaCAThis Group is focused on “protecting the habitat of land and marine life on the Carpinteria, CA beaches through removal of trash, excess soot from fire, etc… Our goal is to keep the beaches clean for the animals who call these places home and the people who enjoy visiting our beautiful coastline.” They’re planning their first meeting for May 10.


  • Empowering the Underprivileged in Pune PuneConnector Abhishek and five others are focused on “inspiring our underprivileged community for a better tomorrow,” and remembering that “simple things like donating one hour for the community can make a big difference. It is about bridging the gap.” Their first meeting is set for May 17.


Ivory CoastThis Group of nonprofit leaders in the Ivory Coast is acting en français to better help the Ivorian community “participate in democratic debate and development.” Their first meeting is scheduled for May 30.


If you’d like to start an Action Group for your setting (such as your neighborhood, workplace, or school) or for an issue you care about (like homelessness, the environment, or education), read all about it and get started here!

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