Current location: Brooklyn, NY
Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

I imagine a world where people stop fixating so much on material things and get to what’s really good.
I like connecting with other idealists over good fun, such as epic fundraising parties and community mural painting.
I take action for the environment every day, when I lovingly remind my coworkers where the recycling and compost bins are.

What I’m hoping to sneak into the blog: Anything Lebowski.

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Current location: Portland, OR
Hometown: Levittown, NY

I imagine a world where nobody is bullied, murdered, or commits suicide because of their sexual orientation.
I want to connect with people who know how to rally a community from afar.
I am going to act on an idea to organize a flash mob a la Caine’s Arcade for my favorite stationary store owner in Levittown.

What I’m hoping to sneak into the blog: More T-Rex Trying.

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